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What is
Misión Sabor?

From November 10th to December 8th

It is a platform of virtual cooking classes that will be broadcast three times a week, two classes a day, from 10th - November to 8th - December, 2021. Misión Sabor will feature national and international chefs from the best restaurants around the world. In addition, this event will allow us to raise funds for projects to help families living in extreme poverty throughout the highlands of Peru.


What is Misión Huascarán?

We are an non - profit organization, which seeks to help people in rural areas of Peru, through programs that integrate nutrition, especially fighting anemia; in education, by reinforcing educational programs and technological contributions; in economic development, by generating workshops and new forms of employment; and in health, with the operation of two mobile medical posts that visits various villages without access to medical care.

Misión Sabor

In these virtual classes, recognized and award-winning national and international chefs will share with the participants their recipes and secrets that make their dishes so special. . This is a unique opportunity that you cannot miss! You will be able to enjoy cooking classes with more than 20 prestigious chefs who will cook with you, from the comfort of your home.

Once Misión Sabor is completed, the classes will be available for 90 days for our clients through the Kitchen Lab platform. You can relive the experience of the classes you liked the most or delight in those that you could not see during the original airing date!

Misión Sabor Chefs 2021

Nov 10   – Nigiris Maido

Tsumura studied Culinary Arts & Food and Beverage Administration at Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island, United States. Upon graduation, he decided to go to Osaka, Japan to specialize in Japanese cuisine. Upon his return to Peru, he worked at the Sheraton Hotel for 5 years where he was the head of departure and sous-chef until he assumed the position of Food and Beverage Management. It was his passion for Japanese and Peruvian cuisine that led him to create Maido (2009), a space in which he captures his talent in the hands of new culinary trends in which Peruvian and Japanese food coexist harmoniously.

He also organized the Mistura fair and is co-author of the book ‘‘Nikkei es Peru” alongside writer, Josefina Barrón. Tsumura’s many activities include having been a jury member of the Master Chef Peru program, host of “Peru Cocina Nikkei, Chifa y Criolla” and of ” Masters of Gastronomy ”, guest speaker at the “San Sebastián Gastronomika” congress (Spain, 2011), guest chef at ´Nikkei Peru Tasting Menu 6 Manos´ in London (2014) an event within the framework of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards gala.

Tsumura is internationally recognized for his outstanding career, he has been invited to numerous gastronomic congresses, he also has participated in the opening of the Pan American Games representing Peruvian Gastronomy and is considered by The Best Chef Awards among the 100 best chefs in the world. Micha has received the Rising Star Award for Latin America.

In 2015, Maido was selected as one of the 50 best restaurants in the World. In 2016 he achieved 2nd place in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants and 13th in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Nationally ranked in the Top 20 Restaurants list of the SUMMUM Guide, Maido is considered to be the best Nikkei and Japanese restaurant. In 2017, Maido climbed to 1st place in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants and 8th place in The World´s 50 Best.

In 2020, despite being a complicated year for the gastronomic sector, Maido continued to open their doors, complying with all the measures dictated by the Peruvian Government and serving its loyal guests, obtaining this year the 2nd place in Latin America´s 50 Best.

Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura (Perú)
Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura (Perú)


Dec 8  –  Octopus salad /Lobster with watermelon emulsion

Virgilio Martínez is the owner of Central in Peru, it is considered one of the best restaurants by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Virgilio finds inspiration in his insatiable curiosity and passion for the biodiversity of his country.

Chef Pía León led the helm of Central’s kitchen and co-owned alongside her husband Virgilio for a decade  before venturing into her own adventure in 2018, Kjolle. That same year, Pía was recognized as the “Best Cook in Latin America” ​​by The Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Virgilio is actively involved in the organization – Mater Iniciativa, an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to articulate knowledge related to food, art and culture through research, interpretation and cultural expressions.

Among Virgilio’s proposals are, MIL Centro, an innovative concept next to the circular terraces of Moray, which brings together gastronomy, science, Andean communities, history that has established itself as a must-see destination since its opening in 2018. Currently there are two new locations outside of Peru. ; Olluco in Moscow and Maz in Tokyo.

Virgilio Martínez  (Perú)
Virgilio Martínez (Perú)


Nov 15 –  Pacae scallops / Tuber tart

Winner of Best Female Chef 2018, topping the list of the 50 Best Latam  Restaurants for three consecutive years and voted one of the ten best restaurants in the world for five consecutive years. Pía León managed the kitchen and was a co-owner of Central together with her husband Virgilio Martínez for a decade before he decided to branch out with Kjolle.

Pía’s dishes use colors as an important part of the story she wants to tell. Using the knowledge and products of the Mater Iniciativa, Kjolle’s menu is divided into the four regions of Peru, showing the main products of each area and mixing them with products from other territories.

Pía and her team propose a different experience as diverse as the nature and culture of Peru. The nine-course tasting menu explores every corner of the country, combining native ingredients in a unique way.

Pía León (Perú)
Pía León (Perú)


Nov 12  –  Causa / Carapulcra

Born in Lima – Peru on April 7, 1972.

Peruvian chef and businessman who is characterized by his roots in the traditional and homemade cuisine of Peru. He took over the reins of his mother’s restaurant, Doña Isolina Vargas, after discovering his true vocation for gastronomy at the age of 28, when he entered the D’Galia kitchen institute. Previous to attending D’Galia kitchen institute, he studied journalism and business administration .

Castillo owns and manages Cebichería La Red Restaurant. His brand began to grow and became known within the Lima gastronomic circuit. Fish and shellfish led the restaurant’s new menu, but always without abandoning its Creole origins and the teachings of his mother. After opening La Red’s second location in 2009, he knew his next steps were set.

In 2015, he opened the doors of Isolina – Taberna Peruana, named after his mother, the restaurant that perfectly reflects his memories of classic food, framed in an old house within the bohemian district of Barranco, in Lima. In that same year, Isolina was voted the Best New Restaurant by the SUMMUM annual guide, captivating diners who have been searching for these forgotten flavors in old recipe books for years. Since 2016, Isolina has been part of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, currently ranking 20.

In 2019, José launches his 3rd. concept and brand called Los Reyes – Barra Criolla, through which he will expand its seasoning to all possible corners of the country and the world in the not too distant future. In 2020, despite the crisis caused by Covid – 19,  guided by ihis entrepreneurial spirit and in search of new opportunities and markets, he launches his 4th. concept called Valentín – Pollazo de Barrio, trying to penetrate and innovate in the traditional segment of Peruvian grilled and baked chicken.

José del Castillo (Perú)
José del Castillo (Perú)


Dec 1st  –  Sea Party / Grilled Creole Duck Hudón

Jorge Muñoz was born in 1985 in Trujillo (Peru), all his upbringing was in the north and the jungle of Peru. In 2000, he arrived in Barcelona in the company of his parents and sister, in 2004 he decided to go live in Australia where he began to work in the hospitality industry. Upon returning to Barcelona, ​​he decided to study cooking at the CETT school for 2 years, combining his studies with summer seasons in Formentera.

In 2009 he decided to go to Paris to do a master’s degree at the Le Cordon Bleu school, at the end of the course he returned to Barcelona and began working in a vegetarian restaurant through the summer in Formentera. In 2012 he joined the 41st Experience team (Barcelona) as a stagier, in which he was in all the games, including production, which for him was the most important. During that stage he cooked traditional Peruvian food for his companions. Almost at the end of his internship, he was offered to lead the Pakta project together with Kyoko who worked at Tickets.

In September 2012 he began testing out traditional dishes from Peru and Japan together. In April 2013, he no longer tested his dishes but rather the concept and structure of the menu. Finally, they opted for a tasting menu that is more in line with the new proposal that Pakta offers in Barcelona, ​​discovering both Peruvian and Japanese cuisine and the fusion of both.

In 2014 he obtained his first star together alongside his team, in 2015 he also received the award for Best International Restaurant awarded by the newspaper ABC.

He currently leads the Peruvian restaurant Astrid & Gastón, an establishment where he will be taking command in March of this year. After 19 years he’s returned to Peru to settle in Lima.

Jorge Muñoz (Perú)
Jorge Muñoz (Perú)

Astrid & Gastón

Nov 22  – Grilled Octopus / Cocktail: Zamboni

Founder of Jaime Pesaque Restaurants.

Graduated from Cordon Bleu and with a Master’s Degree in Cooking from the Italian Culinary Institute (ICIF).

Born and raised in Peru, training in Europe and an apprentice at Michelin-starred Restaurants in Italy and Spain, including El Celler de Can Roca.

Back in Peru, he perfected his own style at Al Grano, where he ran his first kitchen. In 2008 with an entrepreneurial spirit and culinary art, Pesaque opted to open its flagship restaurant, Mayta, a contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant and pisco bar in Lima, Peru, where the traceability of native products is always eagerly sought, thus combining culinary techniques,  and contemporary dishes with local produce to create sophisticated/modern dishes. Likewise, Pesaque manages to export Peruvian cuisine abroad to countries such as the United States, Italy and the Netherlands. In 2019, Mayta entered the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, and in 2020 it was awarded the Highest Climber Award.

Jaime Pesaque (Perú)
Jaime Pesaque (Perú)


Nov  17  – Grilled Corn, Arepas de Mérito, Catch of the day in curry loche

Caracas Venezuela. 1979.

Martinez started in the professional world of cooking at the age of 27.

He began his cooking studies at the Casserole Du Chef school in Caracas. Upon completion, he completed his internship with chef Helena Ibarra at Altamira Suites. He then studied at the Center for Gastronomic Studies (CEGA), under the tutelage of researcher José Rafael Lovera and chef Víctor Moreno, where emphasis was placed on training in Venezuelan cuisine. In 2007 he did an internship at Martín Berasategui’s restaurant, in San Sebastián, Spain.

He returned to Venezuela, where he worked at the Le Gourmet restaurant with chef Tomás Fernández and at the Planta Baja restaurant. He decided to return to Europe to study at the Ferrandi school in Paris, to later join the team of chef Nicolas Magie, first at La Cape and then at Hotel Le Saint-James, both located in Bordeaux. In 2013, he did an internship at the Diverxo restaurant with chef David Muñoz in Madrid and the following year he would arrive in Peru to start an internship at Central by Virgilio Martinez restaurant. Once finished, he continued for two years as head chef.

At the end of 2016, he made a break touring several countries in Southeast Asia, he then  jumped to Denmark, where he was captivated by the staging, the management of space, the architecture and the use of the endemic product of restaurants.

In 2017, when he returned to Peru, he started his Mérito project together with chef Jose Luis Saume and the consultancy Michel Seiner and Michael Moldauer (Seinauer & Cia). In 2018 they open the doors and in 2020 it was included in the list of Latin America’s 50 Best.

Juan Luis Martínez (Venezuela)
Juan Luis Martínez (Venezuela)


Nov  26  – Tuna Tataki Tiradito / Maki Nikkei / Nikkei Hit Punch

It is the materialization of a dream and our passion for surfboards, meaningful moments and traveling. A space in which we show our adventure of more than 20 years ago in Asia where we went in search of good waves and great ideas. It is a place where we not only pay tribute to Nikkei gastronomy, capable of combining Japanese food and technique with the explosive and always creative Peruvian cuisine. On the contrary we offer an exceptional experience focused on the enjoyment of all the senses.
It is a vibrant environment capable of infecting all our clients with a special energy, which has allowed us to cross borders and position ourselves as a successful brand not only in Peru but throughout the world.
It is not Japanese food with Peruvian ingredients or Peruvian food with Japanese ingredients, it is rather, a cultural miscegenation that dates back more than 100 years when almost 7,000 Japanese traveled to Peru. It was when upon arrival, they began to cook Japanese food with available Peruvian ingredients, creating dishes that combined the simplicity and precision of Japanese culinary techniques.
Today Peru has the second largest Japanese population in South America and as the Japanese population has increased, the Nikkei movement has become a dominant culinary force, both at home and abroad.
For true lovers of this fusion, they will discover how easy it is to fall in love with our Nikkei cuisine.

Rodrigo Ferrer (Perú)
Rodrigo Ferrer (Perú)


24 de noviembre – Atún, vinagreta de ají amarillo / Oriental Trout

James Berckemeyer tiene una amplia experiencia en la industria culinaria.

Inició su formación en Cordon Bleu Perú (2001), ejerciendo en el reconocido restaurante Astrid y Gastón .

En 2004 realizó una Maestría en especialización en cocina en ICIF (Instituto Culinario Internacional para Extranjeros en Italia), posteriormente, trabajó en varios restaurantes europeos reconocidos con estrellas Michelin, así como en importantes cadenas hoteleras del Perú. Además, ha participado en diversos eventos representando al Perú comisionados por PROMPERU.

En 2015 fue convocado para realizar la Cena de Gala por la celebración de los 70 años de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), en Ginebra, Suiza, siendo nuevamente invitado en 2016 a realizar la cena del Sr. Ban Ki -moon en la ONU.

Actualmente es propietario y Chef del Restaurante COSME , Lima Perú.

COSME abrió sus puertas en enero de 2015, desde entonces se ha convertido en uno de los lugares más populares de Lima gracias a su cocina casual conocida como “comida reconfortante” junto con el colorido y diseño original del restaurante.

James Berckemeyer (Perú)
James Berckemeyer (Perú)


Nov  24  – Traditional stuffed hot pepper and shrimp / Sweet Rocoto ice cream

Marilú Madueño is the Executive Chef of the Huaca Pucllana Restaurant, a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris, she has complemented her studies by working in renowned restaurants in Lima and abroad. At the Huaca Pucllana restaurant he works with native ingredients to present the flavors of Peru in a contemporary way. He has participated in different cooking festivals abroad to publicize and promote Peruvian cuisine in the world. In 2017 she won the SUMMUM award for Best Female Chef.

Marilú Madueño (Perú)
Marilú Madueño (Perú)

La Huaca

Dec  08  –  Salmon Poke Bowl & takiti/ Crispy tuna cones/ Fish tacos Ensenada style

At the age of 23, Adrianzén had taken some courses in Business Administration and, later, Journalism. In addition, he was also doing an internship in a restaurant, a job that did not fully captivate him then.

For family reasons, Moma traveled to Asia where his passion for the culinary arts grew. Adrianzén decided that he would stay to study there.

Thanks to his experience and extensive culinary background, certain Peruvian chefs began to contact him to collaborate in the opening of their restaurants. Among them, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Rafael Osterling and Rodrigo Conroy, as well as the Osaka group.

One of his last destinations as a globetrotting chef was Mexico, where he began to consolidate his dream. After leaving his last job, Moma opened her own restaurant with a partner. The place was called Jerónimo, the name of the avenue on which it was located, in the Mexican capital.

Shortly after, Adrianzén comments that “there was an opportunity” to bring this concept to Lima. He opened his own place with more than 30 dishes on his menu of authentic “corner cuisine”.

Moma Adrianzén (Perú)
Moma Adrianzén (Perú)


 Dec  1st  –  THAI Shrimp Pasta/ Vietnamese Roll 

Francesca is one of the most outstanding young talents in modern Peruvian cuisine. She began her career in 2009 at Cala Lima-Peru restaurant, under Iván Kisic’s instruction. In 2015, he was received by El Celler de Can Roca – Spain.

Interested in learning about Thai culture and Indian cuisine, Francesca traveled to Thailand and in 2016 she started working at the Gaggan restaurant, where she was adopted as an apprentice and over time the chef derived all his trust in this Peruvian cook who worked in the Innovation and Development area at the Gaggan Lab (a sort of chef’s table, where special guests attend). He later went to El Bulli where he learned his techniques.

In March 2018, the Peruvian cook returned to Peru. She had nothing planned, until Franco Kisic summoned her to IK. She saw the potential that this restaurant had for fine dining, understood the challenge and went after it.

Francesca Ferreyros (Perú)
Francesca Ferreyros (Perú)


Nov 29 – Ricotta Bruschetta (Homemade) / Pici with marjoram and crispy garlic/ Risolatte

Chefs and owners of Pasta. Both educated in pastry (Janice) and cooking (Juan Manuel) – London. Umbert & Burashi, both went through restaurants in Europe and New York to continue their learning. Upon returning to Peru, they continued on their way to renowned restaurants in the capital.

In July 2019 they opened Pasta together, a restaurant where everything is made in the same place, pasta, sauces, breads, cheeses and desserts. In this way, and using the best inputs, they manage to bring the essence of Italian cuisine to all their customers.

Juan Manuel Umbert & Janice Buraschi (Perú)
Juan Manuel Umbert & Janice Buraschi (Perú)


Nov 19

Ricardo Martins (Perú)
Ricardo Martins (Perú)


Nov 22 – Tuna tatake and pistachios/ Gnocchis in an Anticucho sauce

Jana Escudero (Perú)
Jana Escudero (Perú)

El Grifo

Nov 10 –  Cosme Aguilar: Poblano peppers, onion, corn, Oaxaca cheese, heavy cream, minced garlic, butter

Cosme Aguilar is the co-owner and chef of Casa Enrique. Born in Chiapas, Mexico, as a child Cosme began his passion for food by watching his mother, sister, and aunts cook traditional Chiapas dishes. These early experiences served as the inspiration for his dishes today.

Cosme didn’t always dream of becoming a chef. Instead, he began working following his passion for automotive electromechanics in Rio Verde San Luis Potosí where part of his family resides.

Cosme moved to the United States in 1998 in search of more opportunities. He began working as a cleaning agent in a French restaurant where he worked his way into the kitchen, where he began his training in French cuisine, a discipline to which he dedicated the next decade of his life. In 2004, Cosme began working with Winston Kulok as a chef at Café Henri. In 2009 he became executive chef at Bar Henri. In 2012 Luis Aguilar, brother of Cosme, proposed the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant where they could serve the traditional recipes of his family. It was there that, together with Winston and Luis, Casa Enrique was opened.

Casa Enrique has been awarded a Michelin star consecutively since 2015, and was the first Latin food restaurant to receive a Michelin star in New York and the second in the world for Mexican food.

In 2018, the New York Times awarded Casa Enrique 2 stars for consistency and because without changing its original style it kept improving. Cosme’s traditional Mexican cuisine continues to be a flagship of Mexican food in New York and is also recognized as the best by many people and organizations.

Cosme Aguilar (México)
Cosme Aguilar (México)

Casa Enrique

Nov 29 –  Quinoa, bacon, avocado, cashew

Always having been interested in gastronomy, he stayed away from his Peruvian roots. His early formative jobs in New York City found him developing classical French and American skills at Eleven Madison Park and Irving Mill, respectively.

After a trip to Lima, Ramírez returned home with a new love and appreciation for Peruvian food. He studied the techniques, ingredients and flavors of Peruvian food, absorbing them on an even more subtle and intimate level.

In 2015, with the help of business partner Juan Correa, Ramírez opened the Llama Inn, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Later in 2019, Ramírez opened Llama San, where he showcased the fusion of flavors from Peru with those from Japan, a style known as Nikkei. Setting the table with Peruvian flavors prepared with Japanese techniques, Erik introduced flavors to the New York food scene like no other. The opening of Llama San happened just a few months before the pandemic hit the US. What they did was find creative ways to bring Llama San‘s experience of fine dining and innovative taste from the dining room to customers’ homes. Since its inauguration, Llama San has received top recognition from The New York Times, through its culinary critic Peter Well. They have received 3 stars (highest award).

Erik Ramírez (USA)
Erik Ramírez (USA)

Llama San

 Dec 6th –  Tiradito Bachiche

While studying culinary arts at the San Ignacio de Loyola University in Lima, a young Oka met chef Gastón Acurio, who agreed to let him complete his internship at Astrid & Gastón. After graduating in 2001, Oka spent almost 3 years as a line cook at the Japanese restaurant Ichi Ban before Acurio lured him to the Tanta restaurant to prepare the young cook for the position of executive chef at his next restaurant. In 2004, Oka opened Sogo Room Bar & Restaurant, but left after six months and decided he had more to learn before becoming “boss.”

Acurio commissioned Oka to open the first La Mar Cebichería in 2005, naming him executive chef. He then traveled to open La Mar in Mexico City, where he stayed for three and a half years before returning to Lima to launch La Mar in Bogotá, Colombia. Oka moved to open another La Mar, this time in San Francisco, where he stayed for two years. In 2014, Oka opened La Mar in Miami, where he established his roots and later won a StarChefs Rising Stars Chef Awards. Oka has made a name for himself as an American forerunner of Peruvian cuisine.

Diego Oka (USA)
Diego Oka (USA)

La Mar by Gastón Acurio

Nov  15  – Raw shrimp / Green parsley /Pork and crispy onions

Manu Buffara is the Executive Chef and Owner of Manu located in Curitiba, Brazil, which has received critical acclaim for its tasting menu that has been recognized by World’s 50 Best and Best Chefs Awards.

Paving the way for gastronomy in Brazil, Manu celebrates the culture and produce unique to the region of Paraná.

Formerly studying journalism, Manu found her passion for cooking, realizing her way of communicating was not through words but taste.

Inspired by her family and background, Manu learned the value of land and animals growing up in the countryside and incorporates this in her everyday technique.

At Manu, she uses organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and her own garden.

Manu’s devotion to sustainability and quality ingredients stems into her commitment to Curitiba, working with local communities to transform abandoned sites into urban gardens and educating locals on how to care for the gardens and feed themselves.

Her home, her culture, her way of life.

A part that runs from the plateau to the coast, crossing montains, valleys and rivers.

The nature around her brings inspiration – the ingrediente.

This is her environment.

This is the place that she belongs.

This is where her food comes from.

This is the meaning of Manu.

Manoella Buffara (Brasil)
Manoella Buffara (Brasil)


19 de noviembre  – Estudio de tomate 2021: Secuencias de origen

Chef español, nacido en 1971 en Castellfollit de Riubregós (Barcelona), actualmente reside en Madrid, donde dirige el restaurante Ramón Freixa Madrid (galardonado con dos Estrellas Michelin en 2009 y 2010 y Tres Soles de la Guía Repsol en 2011), ubicado en el lujoso hotel Único.

Ramón estudió Dirección y Gestión Hotelera en la Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona).

En reconocimiento a su trayectoria y dedicación, Ramón Freixa ha recibido numerosos premios; en 2001 la Guía Gourmetour le otorgó el premio al Mejor Cocinero y Mejor Restaurante de España , posteriormente en 2002 fue galardonado con el premio al Mejor Carrito de Quesos , en 2003 con la Mejor Oferta de Postres . De nuevo, en 2007 Gourmetour lo distinguió con los premios Mejor Cocinero y Mejor Restaurante de España . En 2012 fue nombrado Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux . En 2016 recibió el reconocimiento de la Comunidad de Madrid, que le otorgó el Premio Culturaen la categoría de Gastronomía, siendo el primer chef en obtener esta distinción. A principios de 2019, fue nombrado Académico de Mérito por la Academia de la Perfumería de España, reconociendo su labor en el apoyo a la difusión de la cultura del perfume, una de las grandes pasiones de Ramón, y being acreedor del ‘Sillón Oud’ .

Es autor de tres libros de cocina, “El pa, l’oli i el vi”, “Mano de Cocinero” y “ Secuencias ”. Este último es casi una obra de arte, gracias a las magníficas fotografías que acompañan a cada texto y más de un centenar de recetas.

Actualmente Ramón dirige los restaurantes Ramón Freixa (Madrid ), Ático en el hotel The Principal (Madrid), Mas de Torrent (Ampurdán), Erre en Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), junto a  ¡HOLA! Tapas Bar de Ramón Freixa y Ocean Cay de Ramón Freixa que se pueden encontrar a bordo de varios barcos de la empresa MSC Cruceros, entre otras iniciativas.

En la cocina de Freixa conviven tradición y vanguardia, innovación atrevida, sentido común, técnica impecable y numerosos juegos visuales y gustativos.

Ramón Freixa (España)
Ramón Freixa (España)

Hotel Único Restaurant

Nov 12  –  Cirbo fillet in five-farm civet, roasted cacao and sandilla crust. Pairing by sommelier Toni Gerez.

Xavier Sagristà was born on February 1957 in Barcelona.

In his early beginnings he was trained in design and communication and became interested in the world of performing arts and body expression.

His first contact with the kitchen was in summer camps and later during his military service where he spent some seasons in the kitchen and later running the kitchen of one of the first open-plan psychiatric centers.

For 10 years, Sagrista was part of the magnificent Bulli team where he was a member of the I+D team. In later years he assumed the position of Chef. In this period he was able to expand his knowledge by taking courses and stages to deepen new techniques and ways of cooking (Japanese, Maghreb, Catalan, veggie cuisine, etc.). He also had the opportunity to do stages in the famous Escribà patisseries.

In 1994 Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Toni Gerez and Xavier Sagristà himself joined forces to manage the Hotel Restaurant Mas Pau. It quickly became a very fruitful relationship due to the following year being awarded a Michelin star, which they maintained up until they closed the restaurant in 2014.

In 2015, Xavier Sagristà and Toni Gerez began their relationship with Peralada Resort, joining up with their project to promote cuisine at an international level. At first, they took over and renewed the entire gastronomic presentation of the Hotel Peralada *****. The following year they began the project of opening a first-class gastronomic restaurant within the Castle of Peralada – 14th century. This is how Castell Peralada Restaurant was born, the company’s flagship and a benchmark for the most avant-garde Catalan and Empordà cuisine. Just one year after its opening, the Michelin guide recognized them with their first star, which they have maintain to this day. Later in 2019 the Repsol guide awarded them a Sun which they just renewed this April 2021.

Xavi Sagristà (España)
Xavi Sagristà (España)

Castell Peralada Restaurant

17 de noviembre – Ganache Smoothie / Exotic Candy

Antonio Bachour creció en Puerto Rico y se enganchó a la repostería desde muy joven, gracias a una infancia que pasó en la panadería de su familia. Pasó sus primeros años perfeccionando su oficio en Puerto Rico como chef de repostería en Sand Hotel and Casino y Westin Rio. En marzo de 2001 encontró a Bachour States en Miami Beach, como chef de pastelería ejecutivo en  Talula (NY Times Best New Restautant) . Y pronto estuvo probando manjares italianos tanto en  Devito South Beach  como en  Scarpetta  (New York Times 3 *) en Nueva York y Miami.


En 2009, KNR Food Concepts le pidió a Bachour que formara parte del equipo de apertura en el W South Beach Hotel. Poco después, asumió la responsabilidad de todos los pasteles del hotel The Trump Soho y sus restaurantes. En abril de 2011, Bachour se formó en Francia con el reconocido chef Philippe Givre en L ‘Ecole Valrhona. Este año, Bachour fue seleccionado como uno de los “10 mejores chefs pasteleros” en Estados Unidos para 2011. Antonio fue finalista en el Concurso de Pastelería del Congreso Internacional de Chef 2011. La Universidad Johnson and Wales eligió a Antonio para el premio Zest por Innovador en Panadería y Pastelería.


Chef Bachour fue chef pastelero ejecutivo del St Regis Hotel durante 2011-2016 y responsable del programa de postres de Jean George (3 estrellas Michelin) en este resort.


Los postres hiper-creativos de Bachour han aparecido en numerosas publicaciones de pastelería, como So Good Magazine, Dulcypas, Sabre y Sabor (España), Starchefs (The Architecture of New York), Gourmet Magazine, Dessert Professional, Pastry Art & Design, National Culinary Review (Revista de la Federación Culinaria Estadounidense).


Antonio Bachour tiene seis libros Bachour, Bachour Simply Beautiful, Bachour Chocolate y Bachour The Baker, Bachour in Colors y Bachour Gastro.


El Chef Antonio Bachour viaja por el mundo impartiendo clases y haciendo cena de colaboración con los mejores chefs del mundo como Massimo Bottura, Joan Roca, Mauro Colagreco y Alex Atala.


Bachour fue galardonado con el premio al mejor pastelero del mundo en 2018 por el premio al mejor chef de Milán. Mejor pastelero por Esquire Magazine 2019. El chef Antonio Bachour es dueño de dos Bakery Restaurant en Miami y pronto abrirá su tercer concepto en el distrito del diseño.

Antonio Bachour (Puerto Rico)
Antonio Bachour (Puerto Rico)


Dec  6th  –  Trout tartare, with its roe and wasabi emulsion

Omar Ben-Hammou (35) was born in the city of Lima, Peru, to a Moroccan father and a Peruvian mother. His story at the stove began at a very young age at home with his grandmother and in his mother Lila’s restaurant, getting, learning about the flavours and traditional cuisine of northern Peru, and from his mother’s family, Guadalupe.

 He was always curious about cooking, he studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Lima, he worked in Switzerland with Claude Legras (MOF) at his restaurant Le Floris, a restaurant with two Michelin stars. He then worked with Rafael Osterling in Lima, opened “El Mercado” in 2010, then moved to Chile and worked with Emilio Peschiera as executive chef of the Emilio Restaurant in Santiago.

He was nominated as “Revelation Chef” by Círculos de Cronistas Gastronómico de Chile in 2012, after that, he decided to continue his career as a chef and move to Brazil to work for a few months with Alex Atala at DOM, in order to learn more about Amazonian ingredients.

After finishing his experience at DOM, he got a job in Bogotá, Colombia with Chef Rafael Osterling, to be in charge of “La Despensa de Rafael”, winning for 2 consecutive years “Best Casual Restaurant in Colombia” for La Barra.

In January 2014, he traveled to Melbourne – Australia to perform in Attica (Ben Shewry) and Culter & Co (Andrew McConnel) for a few months.

In July 2014, he had the opportunity to work at Le Bernardin in New York, with Chef Eric Ripert and moved to New York and worked his way up to “Head Saucier” for almost 3 1/2 years at this 3 Michelin Star restaurant from New York City.

 He passed through Ignacio Mattos’ kitchens at Flora Bar at the Metropolitan Museum in 2018.

In 2019 he was awarded by Sumaq as “Chef of the Year” in the United States.

Then he decided to travel to Berlin-Germany and open his own restaurant in Kreuzberg, called Lila.

Omar Ben-Hammou (Germany)
Omar Ben-Hammou (Germany)


03 de diciembre – Chou de l Atlas / Tarte Orphéo

Pierre Hermé proviene de una familia de pasteleros alsacianos; a la edad de 17 años, se mudó a París para perseguir su futuro en el negocio de la pastelería. Rápidamente se destacó y pasó varios años trabajando en Lenotre. Durante su servicio militar, Pierre Hermé trabajó como pastelero para el Ministro de Defensa. Más tarde, se convirtió en pastelero en Fauchon durante diez años. Después de una temporada en Ladurée, Hermé fundó la Pierre Hermé Paris Maison en 1998 junto con su socio comercial.

Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, es miembro del Comité Colbert y socio de los grupos Raffles, Ritz-Carlton y La Mamounia. También colabora con Maison Dior a través de los cafés Dior de Pierre Hermé en Seúl y Tokio, así como con L’Occitane, para el concepto de tienda 86Champs, ubicado en los Campos Elíseos de París.

Elegido Mejor Chef Pastelero del Mundo por la Academia de los 50 Mejores Restaurantes del Mundo en 2016 y nombrado el cuarto personaje francés más influyente del mundo el mismo año por la revista Vanity Fair, Pierre Hermé como artista, imagina gustos y combinaciones de sabores.

Pierre Hermé (France)
Pierre Hermé (France)

Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

 Dec  3th  – Special Dishes and Cocktail for unexpected guests

Over the course of 26 years, Colin Cowie and his incredible team have created some of the most talked about parties in the world. With clients such as Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Ryan Seacrest, Michael Jordan, heads of state and foreign dignitaries, Colin provides luxurious services for the most celebrated people. From cocktails, product launches and royal weddings, he has designed and produced every type of celebration imaginable. He has traveled 12 million miles around the world and visited almost 100 countries in search of the best for his unique clientele and his design business.

As creative director, Colin has held various positions. He oversaw the redesign of the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong, including the renovation of 600 rooms, the executive lounge, three restaurants, the rooftop lounge and bar, and a fully integrated ballroom program where he designed the first ballroom designed by a party planner. From 2005 to 2008, Colin served as Creative Director for NetJets, where he created the new look for the foodservice, catering, amenities, uniforms, and interiors. Colin was also responsible for the customer service program that was implemented.

Colin Cowie (South Africa)
Colin Cowie (South Africa)


Dec 3th  –  Sommalier/Spirit Pairing Expert

Misión Huascarán Ambassador

José Cuenco (Puerto Rico)
José Cuenco (Puerto Rico)

Misión Huascarán Ambassador

Nov – 20 – Lomo Saltado Jabra style

Jabra Abusada (Perú)
Jabra Abusada (Perú)

Misión Huascarán Ambassador


Chefs Misión Sabor
Chefs Misión Sabor




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