With a lot of effort, we managed to get our laying hen project up and running!

We have great news! With a lot of effort, thanks to the management of our team of collaborators in the field, the Pariaqaqa school and especially thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Mapfre, we managed to launch our laying hen project!

This project seeks to balance the diet of the children in the nutrition program, through a daily ration of eggs, providing them with high-quality protein, as well as iron, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, such as lutein and zeaxanthin. The laying hens is a sustainable project that complements the actions of our nutrition team and also involves the director, teachers, parents of the IIEE of Pariaqaqa who coordinate the care, surveillance and good production of the hens, the children They also participate by learning how to care for the hens, always under the supervision of the adults.

Our first community intervened with the LAYING HENS project is the rural school of Pariaqaqa, benefiting more than 70 children.

During the first week of the current month, significant progress has been made in egg production at the Pariaqaqa school. The first week an approximate average of 12 to 18 eggs per day was recorded, and the second week egg laying increased to 40. daily eggs, our goal is to increase progressively, in order to supply all the children in the program. The support of the organizations committed to our Mission is fundamental for the achievement of our objectives of reducing anemia and child malnutrition, without these organizations we could not have the magnificent results that we have been obtaining in the rural population of Callejón de Huaylas.


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