The threat of Covid-19 has put our health personnel in check, which is why Misión Huascarán and Médicos Solidarios joined forces to raise funds to buy biosecurity equipment


Our campaigns are already showing results which have allowed use to acquire more than 30,000 N95 and KN95 masks as well as protection materials such as aprons, protective eyewear, nitrile gloves, gel alcohol and other that state institutions lack.


We have reached the hospitals Cayetano Heredia, Arzobispo Loayza, Sergio Bernales, 2 de Mayo, Hipólito Unanue, Hospital de policía, María Auxiliadora, Hospital la Caleta Chimbote, Hospital de Huaraz (Huaraz), Obispado de Huancavelica, Hospital regional Nuevo Chimbote, DIRESA Amazonas, amongst others.


Our objective is to deliver 100 thousand KN95 masks and additional protection material.


Continue helping us with this important work!



BCP Cta Corriente Soles


CCI: 00219313332268707814

Titular: APES Misiones Rurales




APES Misiones Rurales


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