Anti-anemia cookies for children of Mancos and Carhuaz!


As a complement of our nutrition program to prevent and eliminate anemia in children, Misión Huascarán is distributing the delicious “Nutri – Hierro” anti-anemia cookies to the children of the most needy populated centers in Áncash.


This excellent product is the creation of the engineer Julio Garay, an outstanding graduate of Beca 18, with whom Misión Huascarán has an alliance that seeks to benefit hundreds of children in the country. These cookies contain protein, vitamins and high iron content, in addition to having a delicious flavor.


They have been delivered in 5 schools and we expect to reach to many more schools. Each child must consume a package of cookies for 30 days to increase the iron on their blood.


* If you are interested in this program and the results we can generate together, we are selling boxes of anti-anemia cookies. For each box you buy, we will donate 1 box to reduce the anemia in 1 child.

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