Misión Huascarán sends help to the chapel “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de Carapongo” in Chosica, with basic necessities supplies for the most vulnerable families of the area


Due to the declaration of a sanitary crisis caused by Covid-19 and the obligatory social isolation established by Peruvian government, many families in extreme poverty have seen their financial situation further deteriorate and have been left without work or food to support themselves.


Misión Huascarán sends help through baskets of first necessity supplies to families in extreme poverty in the district of Lurigancho, this time united with the “Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de Carapongo”, led by father Jorge.


We have already reached the areas of Vallecito, Las Brisas, Matabuey, Portillo, Mariano Segovia, Tulipanes and hope to continue reaching more.


More than 700 baskets have been delivered and our objective is to reach 10 thousand. We will continue helping this noble cause and reaching more families so they are able to overcome these difficult times.


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They need us! make a donation to:

Cuenta BCP Soles: 191-98160427-0-45
CCI: 00219119816042704554

Titular: Fernando Matos Donayre

DNI: 40899302


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