First Bio-gardens for children in Mancos, Ancash


In order to reduce malnutrition and anemia cases detected in the population of Mancos – Ancash, Misión Huascarán implemented two bio-gardens in the population centers of Pisca and Utupampa, planting seeds of vegetables to encourage healthy consumption in local children.

The goal is to make these spaces a resource for families to strengthen an ecological conscience, by participating and their children in the maintenance of the bio-gardens. As well as, later in the harvest season, they will work hand to hand with the nutritionist to supplement the diet with more healthy and nutritious breakfasts.

This project has been possible thanks to the active participation of young volunteers and consecrated of Pro Eclessia Sancta, in the process of construction and fencing of the Bio-garden.

The Utupampa Bio-garden has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the volunteers and consecrated of Pro Eclessia Sancta of Minnessota – United States.

Bio-gardens are instructional material applied in schools to promote learning and they have qualities such as acknowledge of healthy food, improve eating habits, learn to grow their own food and develop a teamwork spirit. *

Reference: The school garden: Ministry of Education Government of El Salvador


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