New SERUMS practitioners for medical posts in Mancos: The diverse population centers in Mancos already have specialized medical care in the medical posts of Huashcao and Utupampa


Since may 2, three new SERUMS practitioners, a general medicine practitioner and two specialized nurses, started to work on the medical posts of Huashcao and Utupampa , after accessing the Serums spots defined by the Ministry of Health.

The new professionals are already attending and providing their service to the rural areas of the district of Mancos several population centers, province of Yungay, department of Ancash.

The Rural and Urban Marginal Health Service – SERUMS (for its Spanish acronym) is a program of community service oriented to develop preventive-promotional activities in health centers and posts of the Ministry of Health, mainly in the country’s rural and urban-marginal areas that are considered less developed.

This progress has been made possible thanks to the generous efforts of the Mission Huascaran’s volunteers.

Reference: SERUMS, Procedures guide and legal regulations.


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