New replacement projects for micro tunnel seeding in Mancos

As part of the new projects implemented in 2018, Misión Huascarán has begun replacing traditional potato and corn crops with strawberry crops in five families belonging to the population centers of Utupampa, Yanamito, Pisca, Huayapon and Armapampa, located between 3033.9 and 3485.0 MASL in the district of Mancos, Ancash, Peru.

Our program aims to deliver new crops to a group of families living in extreme poverty so they can replace their traditional crops and have lower costs and bigger incomes, often monthly, which allows them to improve their quality of life.  Furthermore, personalized technical advice is being provided so that they can make a good replacement of their planting until harvest.

Our beneficiaries are in some cases families with many children or very elderly people whose only support is the production of their crops to sell them in local markets and for human consumption.

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