New plantations for healthy bio-gardens in schools in the population centers of Yanamito and Huashcao


Misión Huascarán, promoting health, education and ecological awareness, has been setting up  two new healthy school bio-gardens in educational institutions such as  “Antonio Raimondi”  in the population center of Yanamito and “José Carlos Mariátegui” in the population center of Huashcao, in order to contribute to the reduction of malnutrition and anemia levels detected in the population of the Mancos district.

The bio-gardens were handled by students and teachers of each educational center, under the supervision of the Misión Huascarán specialist team.

These spaces seek to be a resource for students to strengthen their ecological awareness, participating actively along by their teachers in the maintenance of bio-gardens and, later, complement their school nourishment with more nutritious breakfasts.


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