New libraries in Mancos: 38 more students may be able to access into a quality education in Mancos


On the past June 23, the installation of two new libraries was carried out in the public school N 87008 of the Canchapampa Hamlet, located at 3375 MASL, in the population center with the same name, and in the public school N 86757, located at 3383 MASL, on the population center of Pisca, district of Mancos, Ancash.

The activities in both population centers were attended by consecrated members of Pro Ecclesia Sancta, as well as the great volunteer team, which traveled all the way from Lima to participate in the implementation, next to the schools representatives, students, teachers and respective guardians.

Each installed library has multiple areas for students to have recreational spaces for reading, recreation and viewing, in order to develop the imagination through free play.

Finally, the students entered with their parents to meet their new learning centers, where they were given gifts, school supplies and toys.

Libraries have been possible thanks to the collaboration of companies and volunteers.


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