Misión Huascarán joins the fight against anemia!


Anemia is one of the main challenges that Perú faces, especially in our area of ​​influence. We identified that 44% of the children we work with have anemia and 40% has parasites. This condition limits their cognitive and physical development.

Misión Huascarán has developed a nutrition program to face this challenge. It covers several components to achieve sustainable results in the long term. We started to work with children coming from 5 schools located in Yanamito, Utupampa, Pisca, Congar and Punyan.

Through workshops, we are raising awareness on the importance of good nutrition, healthy water consumption, hand washing, hygiene and related topics, among children, parents and teachers.

Additionally, we are training mothers in the preparation of iron-rich and low-cost meals so that they can learn to feed their children better and avoid anemia. These meals use vegetables harvested from the bio-gardens installed by Misión Huascarán in each of these schools.


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