Misión Huascarán is on the GlobalGiving platform with 2 important Education and Nutrition Projects


Misión Huascarán participates in GlobalGiving, a non-profit organization that provides a global platform for collective financing for charitable projects. Currently we have 2 registered projects: Lets Fight Anemia, which seeks to improve nutrition of more than 80 children in the rural towns of Áncash, and Sponsor a child`s education for US $ 10 a month. Our objective is to improve the school performance and learning level of  children in our areas of influence through tablets equipped with educational programs and the training of teachers in specified fields at the local public schools.


Visit us: https://www.globalgiving.org/donate/73425/apes-misiones-rurales/  here, you can donate to either of these projects! Each donation is a difference made in a child’s life! We thank you for your help!


You can also enter our website and choose to make a recurring donation. Visit us at: https://www.misionhuascaran.org.pe/ayudar/ . By donating you will help provide a better future for the hundreds of families that we support in the rural areas of Áncash, in Peru


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