Misión Huascarán carried out different actions to raise funds and bring help to families in need, doctors and police in the country


Misión Huascarán, in alliance with well-known companies and personalities, has carried out different activities to raise funds and be able to purchase and deliver food to families in extreme poverty and biosafety material to health personnel and police in Lima and the provinces.


We carry out different activities such as virtual raffles led by renowned television celebrities such as Natalie Vértiz and María Pía Copello. These raffles were supported and sponsored by recognized national and international brands. We also held virtual art auctions with renowned artists who donated a percentage of the proceeds to help such noble cause.


We also have the support of influencers such as Alessandra de Belaunde who, through her brand and personal ventures, has raised funds to donate to our organization and thus continue helping.


On the other hand, well-known brands such as Adidas Peru carried out an important online sports activity called “Sudamos Perú” whose objective was to invite their community and the general public to play sports from home. This event lasted 5 consecutive hours and for every 10 connected, they would donate a pair of slippers to the medical team of the Almenara hospital.


We also have important donations from companies such as Estêe Lauder, among others.


Above all we had the important and valuable effort and dedication of our dear volunteers and our beloved community of followers who support us unconditionally. Our gratitude is infinite.


Soon we will carry out a new virtual raffle led by Ezio Oliva, among other activities.


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