Misión Huascarán sends a 12-ton truck with donations to schools in Ancash


Reaffirming our commitment to education, Misión Huascarán with the support of volunteers, sent a 12-ton truck full of love and donations that will be used to implement the new ludic libraries in the populated centers of Congar in Shilla and Punyan in Amashca, both in Carhuaz.

Soon, the libraries of the I.E.N Nro 86322 of the populated center of Congar in the district of Shilla and I.E. No. 86720 Juan Lázaro Cadillo Gonzales in the populated center of Punyán in the Amashca district, both of Carhuaz, will be benefited. They will be environments for creativity, play and education.

And this is just the beginning …


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