Misión Huascarán with the support of the Diamante company, continues to bring frozen fish to the families most in need throughout the villages of the Shilla district in the Carhuaz province


We arrived at the villages of Llanarumi, San Gabriel, Chuyomarca, Llipta, Curihuanca, Catay, Congar, Inkapu, Belén, Tomapampa, Paltac, Huaypan, Acreypampa, Canchapampa and Putaca, in the district of Shilla in the province of Carhuaz. Thanks to this donation made by Pesquera Diamante, we delivered 2 tons of fish that benefited 1,000 households.


This donation is part of our annual nutrition program, aimed at providing residents with alternatives to foods that are not easily accessible and are rich in nutrients.


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