Over 500 dental procedures for rural populations in Mancos


From july 23 to the 27, Misión Huascarán and Avanzada Católica Misiones, performed the II Dental Campaign in the medical post of Utupampa, directed to the residents of the district of Mancos, province of Yungay – Ancash.

They attended 159 patients, with the priority of children and senior citizens, from the population centers of Cruz Coto, Utupampa, Huashcao, Pumarraga, Malpaso, Armapampa, Mamapampa, Garay Hamlet, Ushno Hamlet, Huainoc Hamlet and Canchapampa Hamlet.

The successful campaign manage to perform over 500 dental procedures, between dental healing, fluoridation, cleaning, restoration, periodontology  and endodontics, highlighting the importance of the latter because it is the most complex treatment to perform since, for the first time in the district, it is about recovering the damaged teeth, avoiding unnecessary extraction.

This goal has been possible thanks to the leadership of physicians such as Miguel Coz and his wife, Dr. Izabella Dourado, as well as their teamwork conformed by doctors Mariela Ornella, Milagros Mendoza, Milagros Falcón, Bettsi Rojas, Jorge Oscanoa, Kenyi Aronés, Mayummi Tello, Karlha Malva, Patricia Noguera, Juan Bruno Luggeiro, Carolina Barrientos and the technical specialist River Huamán.


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