Mobile Medical Post No. 1 of Misión Huascarán continues to bring health to Recuay


Throughout April and May, our mobile medical post No. 1 has continued to bring medical attention to Recuay offering care in the specialties of internal medicine and dentistry completely free of charge for the population.


Our work is possible thanks to the joint coordinated work that is carried out with the Diresa Áncash and local municipalities.


We are very proud to be able to help bring health to those who need it most. Thanks to this initiative, we have been able to carry out to date, more than 2000 medical attentions since September 2020.


In addition, our mobile medical post No.2 will also arrive in June, which offers gynecology, pediatrics and internal medicine care. For more specialized examinations, this new unit is equipped with a brand new ultrasound machine and will have medical personnel provided by the Recuay Hospital Support.


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