Help keeps coming, we supported the police force with biosecurity equipment


Misión Huascarán supplied biosafety equipment to the main  police stations in Lima and Provinces. To the date, we have helped 2,926 police officers in 25 police stations in Lima and 2 in the province.


We supported the following police stations: San Cosme, Breña, San Genaro, Pamplona Alta, La Victoria, Villa El Salvador, Carabayllo, Tupac Amaru, San Pedro, Santa Clara, Canto Rey, Nueva Esperanza, Monterrico, Lince, Puente Piedra, Independencia, Vitarte, DIVINCRI del Callao, 10 de Octubre Bayovar, Laura Caller, La Ensenada, Magdalena del Mar, Santoyo and Ciudad y Campo.

Additionally, we sent out also biosafety equipment to the department of Ancash: Yungay and Mancos police stations.



In addition, we have also helped Lima Police hospital with 10 folding stretchers, 1150 KN95 masks, 15 Lts of Alcohol Gel, 450 aprons, 80 boxes x 100 of nitrile gloves, 136 protective glasses, among other goods, assisting policemen to perform their duties properly.


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