Knitting Hope is a civil non-profit association member of  Misión Huascarán. We empower rural women from small villages at the foothills of the Huascarán mountain (at 11482.94 f.a.s.l) so they are able to generate extra income to help maintain their households and improve their living conditions.

We support them in the design, supplies, training and quality control. We provide them with a textile workshop where the knitters get together and carry out such a beautiful task.

The result is the production of high quality garments in alliance with prestigious institutions.

We have more than 100 artisans, including teenagers and mothers, many of them illiterate and unable to receive an education.

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Our knitters and embroiderers

Karina Soto

María Figueroa

Deysi Montaño

I feel good, I buy food, fruits, clothes, everything for his food: fish, meat, beans. Before we hardly even ate protein, now we do. I like to sew, weave, help others. I feel happy.

Nemesía Quito

Strategic alliances


  • Ani Alvarez Calderón

  • Karen Mitre

  • Franklin Roosevelt American School

  • Magia

  • Carolina K

  • Haki Sostenible


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