We inaugurated the first carpentry skills development workshop


Misión Huascarán has started the first carpentry skills development workshop located at the School No. 87009 in the town of Canchapampa, in order to train children and young people in basic carpentry so that they can join, in due course, in a new job market.

This initiative comes up with the purpose of giving opportunity to the students, coming from the rural areas of the district of Mancos, who can’t complete their academic formation with higher education. Because of that, it is proposed to teach basic carpentry from elementary school, performing work according to age, until the workshop ends with the mastery of the trade.

The workshop has twelve students, including children and young people, who since November 9th receive induction every Friday of each week.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the volunteers of Misión Huascarán for the donation of tools for the carpentry workshop.


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