Inauguration of the new Misión Huascarán mobile medical post!


In rural areas, access to medical care is limited. Many communities live in remote areas that are difficult to access and far from each other. In order to access a medical post, they must walk long distances.


This implies a high opportunity cost for the residents — many times they choose not to receive medical care. In addition, many of the medical post do not have doctors, only technical personnel in health and nursing.


Misión Huascarán, an NGO that works for the integral development of rural towns at the highlands of Áncash, has implemented a new project that seeks to solve this healthcare problem by using a “Mobile Medical Post”. It will have 2 offices: one for  generalmedicine and the other for dental care. Additionally, it will also have medical and nursing staff to look after the population, all thanks to the Huaylas Norte Health Network.


Our goal is to reach more than 50 rural towns and at least serve 1,500 people during the 2020 – 2021 period. This was possible thanks to the alliance established with the Regional Health Directorate of Áncash.


We will continue to bring health to the furthest places in our beloved Áncash.




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