Setting up of the new facilities for the textile workshop “Knitting Hope” in the population center El Caserío de Ushno

As a part of the new work executing in 2018, Misión Huascarán has been setting up the new facilities of what is to be the work base to the textile workshop “Knitting Hope” located over 3414 m.a.s.l. in the population center of “El Caserío de Ushno”, in Mancos- Ancash.

This work seeks to be the operations center for the activities that the textile workshop develops with the local weavers, like informative talks, textile training, types of fabric or clothing points, and being the official headquarters where the weaving process will be developed for the different products that the workshop produces.

Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Misión Huascarán female volunteers, a new alliance has been making with KUNA “Feel the hands of the Andes” to continue with the challenge of keep empowering the local farmer woman.


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