Solidarity strawberries: A project that is beginning to bear fruit

Misión Huascarán continues working to give a better quality of life to the locals of the town of Mancos. In this opportunity with our project of substitution of crops, through the technique of Micro Tunnels, which give as fruit the delicious San Andrea strawberries.

For the residents it is not only an alternative to improve their income, but also to improve their quality of life and give better opportunities to their families.

In the last 3 months, we have implemented 6 crops that benefit 6 new families from the towns of Pisca, Huayapon, Utupampa, Yanamito Cacchupampa and thanks to that they will obtain a better quality of life.

By March, we want to involve 6 families in this project, providing them with all the support and technical assistance they need and by the end of the year we hope to have supported more than 50 families.

Would you like to taste its delicious flavor and help these families?


With each purchased box you are collaborating directly in the implementation of new substitute crops that will help the people of Mancos.


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