¡Delivery of 127 educational kits to 5 schools in Áncash!


Committed to education, this September 17th  and 18th  we delivered more than 127 educational kits to improve the educational foundations of communities such as, Utupampa, Yanamito, Punyan, Congar and Pisca in Peru, with backpacks full of:


✔ Printed educational material prepared by Misión Huascarán education team.


✔ School supplies for boys and girls.


✔ 1 reader’s notebook


✔ 1 tablet with a collection of 500 Raz-plus leveled books, and MABA applications to work on math/communication exercises.


This educational kit is intended  for  children from 1st to 6th grade. This distance learning process is monitored, fed back and evaluated by the 10 volunteer educators from Misión Huascarán.


Our work for education improvement continues!



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