Our Glasses Recolection campaign was successfully completed


In April, we launched our Reading Glasses campaign with the purpose of collecting eyewear of all kinds to support residents in our area of ​​influence who need them.


This initiative arose when the weavers participating in our Knitting Hope textile workshop began their work with our program and the Misión Huascarán team realized that they were making the pieces with difficulty. Investigating a little more they came to the conclusion that they required the use of glasses. This condition was not previously detected, since most of the weavers used to work in the fields.


We are grateful for the great response of all those people who have joined our initiative and who are actively following our projects.


The results have exceeded all our expectations!! We managed to collect more than 1,200 glasses! We verify once again that by joining forces and uniting under a cause we can transform the lives of many people.


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