We have reached:

  • In Carapongo and nearby areas we have helped more than 17500 people
  • In Diente de Oro en Villa Libertad – Surco, we helped 480 families
  • In Barracones we delivered 9 thousand lunches for 150 children and 100 elderly adults.
  • In the Puericultorio Pérez Aranibar we sent basic necessities for 200 kids.

We have delivered:

  • 7090 KN95 masks
  • 232 liters of sanitizer alcohol gel
  • 29 thousand nitrite gloves
  • Medical equipment for the police hospital

We have delivered:

  • 30,000 N95 and KN95 masks
  • 7850 facial protectors
  • 6650 surgical robes
  • 1400 scrubs
  • 60 stretchers
  • 10 ICU clinical stretchers
  • 25 hospital clinical stretchers
  • 900 Tyvek Macroguard suits
  • 10 000 shoe covers, alcohol gel, nitrite gloves, protection glasses, among others.

Our work earned us the thanks of the Minister of Health, Víctor Zamora, during the visit to the COVID19 hospital in Chimbote (Ancash)

We support them in the design, supplies, training, quality control. We provide them with a textile workshop where the knitters get together and  carry out such a beautiful task. The result is the production of high quality garments and alliances with prestigious institutions. To date, 23 women are registered at the Ushno workshop.

Soon we will inaugurate the second workshop in Congar.


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