Misión Huascarán donates biosecurity implements for the Peru National police


Misión Huascarán stands in solidarity with the Peruvian national police and has initiated a campaign to acquire and deliver biosecurity material for their protections due to the vulnerable situation they face in the Covid-19 crisis.


On a daily basis police risk their lives for the safety of citizens, especially in these circumstances where they must enforce the obligatory social distancing established by government. Hence, it is of utmost importance that they have the necessary bioprotection.


Misión Huascarán has taken more than 850 N95 and KN95 masks to various areas in need; this is additional to nitrile gloves, gel alcohol, etc. We have reached the police stations in: Pamplona Alta, La Victoria, Breña, San Cosme, San Genaro y Villa el Salvador. However, our work doesn’t end there, we want to reach more places with your help. In the following weeks we will be visiting more stations.


To continue supporting this campaign you can make a donation to the following accounts:

Cuenta BCP soles: 191-98281134-0-71
CCI: 00219119828113407158
Titular: Fernando Matos Donayre (DNI: 40899302)


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