150 Tablets were acquired to help in the education of the boys and girls of Mancos


Education is fundamental in the development of children in the locality. For them, the possibility of having educational tools is a door to new opportunities and fulfilling big dreams, is the door to a better future.

That is why we have acquired 150 tablets that will allow them to develop their creativity, improve their audiovisual memory, their concentration and help them in areas such as mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, as well as encouraging them to develop their research capabilities. Also, this device will be an excellent supporting tool for teachers, which will allow them to have greater closeness and interaction with students.

The first populated centers that will benefit are Yanamito, Utupampa and Pisca. It is expected to reach more locations in the course of this year.

At Misión Huascarán, we are committed to the education and development of Mancos.


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