Evaluation of nutritional statu and seed, milk, and NutriHierro cookies delivery to 335 children ranging from 3-12 years old


As part of our nutrition program, Misión Huascarán conducted an assessment of the nutritional status of the 335 children who are part of the program to monitor their health status.


The children in the program are between 3 and 12 years are part of our annual nutrition plan, which consists of donating 6 liters of Soy Vida soy milk, thanks to the cooperation of the company Leche Gloria SA. The children also received 1 box of NutriHierro cookies which is to las them a total of 30 days.


Additionally, Misión Huascarán gave 280 families a variety of seeds, including:  spinach, chard, beet, among others, to continue implementing their family vegetable gardens and help them continue with a good and varied diet.


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