Knitting Hope is a non profit organization linked to Mision Huascaran

Textile Workshop empowers women from small villages at  the Peruvian Andes at 8,500 f.a.s.l with the purpose of generating extra income that will help them mantain their families and enhance their quality of life.


This initiative was made reality after 2 years of ardous work thanks to the help of Mision Huascaran volunteers and designers.


The “Knitting Hope” project has joined efforts with the well-known brand - KUNA, owned by Incalpaca Textiles de Export S.A. group (textile manufacturing company leader), to develop the “Kuna for Knitting Hope” collection.

This alliance will allow our knitters products to reach local and international consumers.


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Somos una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que busca a través de diversas misiones el desarrollo integral y la promoción social de los pobladores de las zonas más desfavorecidas del Perú.


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Jr. Santorín Nº 258, Urbanización el Vivero - Santiago de Surco. Distrito de 15023, Perú.

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