The Knitting Hope Hats are already in KUNA stores!


The strategic alliance between KUNA and our “Knitting Hope” program is already in action!

We are pleased to announce that the hats of our dear knitters are now available in the main Kuna stores nationwide...

A great gift for the children of Carhuaz!


In August, Misión Huascarán, with the support of the most important book distributor in the country, DISEUROPA, took books with different titles to the children of the educational institution No. 86322 and San Juan Bautista No. 186291, of the districts of Shilla and Amashca for the recreational libraries that we have installed in both schools.

New strawberry crops in Mancos and Shilla!


Our economic development program for the cultivation of improved strawberries continues growing. There are already more than 16 crops implemented in Mancos and we are pleased to announce that we have already established 6 more crops in the Shilla district...

SERUM physician for the Huashcao medical center!


Health is essential for the integral development of the human being. However, in areas such as those we support, these resources are limited and not even available. Locals must walk long distances to access medical care, either by consultation or emergency. That is why Misión Huascarán seeks to support the population by securing a SERUM physician...

Misión Huascarán establishes two nutritionists in the action area


Food is one of the cornerstones for the integral development of every human being, especially in children. Misión Huascarán, understands the importance of this cornerstone of life and has established two professionals in nutrition with emphasis on the development of social programs and infant feeding to achieve that objective...

Misión Huascarán and MABA train teachers in the use of tablets!


Misión Huascarán trained 15 teachers from 5 schools in the districts of Mancos, Shilla and Amashca in the use and implementation of tablets delivered to their schools so their students can take full advantage of it and achieve a better learning...

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Magdalena Leandro

Ushno, Ancash 3650 m.a.s.l.

"One year ago, a volunteer from Misión Huascarán arrived and saw us knitting at the door of my house, she asked me if we did that frequently and I said yes. She organized us, brought us wool and we started weaving hats to send them to Lima. Then they brought us more wool of better quality and trained us in new techniques of fabrics and finishes. The group grew and now we are 15 weavers. I know that our hats are sold in Lima in important stores. With my earnings, I have been able to buy school supplies for my daughter and I have also bought chicks. I sold my chicks and now I have bought more. "

Joseph Garay

Cacchupampa, Ancash 3420 m.a.s.l.

"In my school, sometimes we don’t have many books. Some kids stop going to school because they do not have school supplies or they are sick. Their parents sometimes do not have enough money to heal them. My dream is to keep studying and have many books and stories. Since the Misión Huascarán arrived, we can come to the Mission Center to play, listen to mass and do catechesis.”

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