Misión Huascarán sends help to the chapel “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de Carapongo” in Chosica, with basic necessities supplies for the most vulnerable families of the area.


Due to the declaration of a sanitary crisis caused by Covid-19 and the obligatory social isolation established by Peruvian government, many families in extreme poverty have seen their financial situation further deteriorate and have been left without work or food to support themselves...

Misión Huascarán donates biosecurity implements for the Peru National police.


Misión Huascarán stands in solidarity with the Peruvian national police and has initiated a campaign to acquire and deliver biosecurity material for their protections due to the vulnerable situation they face in the Covid-19 crisis...

The threat of Covid-19 has put our health personnel in check, which is why Misión Huascarán and Médicos Solidarios joined forces to raise funds to buy biosecurity equipment


Our campaigns are already showing results which have allowed use to acquire more than 30,000 N95 and KN95 masks as well as protection materials such as aprons, protective eyewear, nitrile gloves, gel alcohol and other that state institutions lack...

Misión Huascarán united with “La Asociación de las Bienaventuranzas” and “Red de Corazones” to take supplies to the most vulnerable families of Lima Sur.


Following the declaration of a health crisis due to Covid-19 and subsequent to the declaration of compulsory social isolation decreed by the government, many low-income families had serious economic difficulties and were left without the possibility of acquiring the necessary food to survive...

First results of the child nutrition program Misión Huascarán!


4 months ago we began a child nutrition program to improve the development of the children in the schools with which we work. We found that 44% of them were anemic...

Hot Chocolate Misión Huascarán Christmas Festival!


Christmas is a day for love, happiness and family; who wanted to share this with the people who have benefited from our different social programs, among them weavers, strawberry farmers, teachers, doctors, etc. We enjoyed delicious hot chocolate, delivered supplies and gave toys to the children...

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Magdalena Leandro

Ushno, Ancash 3650 m.a.s.l.

"One year ago, a volunteer from Misión Huascarán arrived and saw us knitting at the door of my house, she asked me if we did that frequently and I said yes. She organized us, brought us wool and we started weaving hats to send them to Lima. Then they brought us more wool of better quality and trained us in new techniques of fabrics and finishes. The group grew and now we are 15 weavers. I know that our hats are sold in Lima in important stores. With my earnings, I have been able to buy school supplies for my daughter and I have also bought chicks. I sold my chicks and now I have bought more. "

Joseph Garay

Cacchupampa, Ancash 3420 m.a.s.l.

"In my school, sometimes we don’t have many books. Some kids stop going to school because they do not have school supplies or they are sick. Their parents sometimes do not have enough money to heal them. My dream is to keep studying and have many books and stories. Since the Misión Huascarán arrived, we can come to the Mission Center to play, listen to mass and do catechesis.”

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Somos una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que busca a través de diversas misiones el desarrollo integral y la promoción social de los pobladores de las zonas más desfavorecidas del Perú.


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