Mision Peru is a non-profit association which has the challenge to reach and transform the lifes of poor people and create opportunities for a better future at different locations within the country.


Mision Huascarán is the initiative we have been doing for 3 years at Huascarán mountain hillside within the Ancash highlands


We have been working to transform the lifes of people thanks to our social projects portfolio that integrate education, health, economic development (agriculture, textile workshop), housing and pastoral work.


All this has been possible thanks to the generous contribution (time, service or money) of people and companies that have been supporting us each year, volunteers and the Pro Ecclesia Sancta priests.


July 22, 2017

Missions Center Inauguration.

June 2017

Misión Huascarán Second Gala

April 2017

APES Misiones Rurales is born.


They begin to structure with social programs.

April 2016

Misión Huascarán First Gala

September 2015

Support is obtained to build the Mission Center.

February 2015


The purchase of the land of the Missions Center is made in the high area of Yanamito.

2008 - 2011


The number of missionaries and lays grows year after year in July and the local farmers ask for the permanence of the missions.


A group of Spanish lay missionaries perform social tasks. The mixed missions and the support of Avanzada Católica begin.


2004 - 2007


Pastoral missions in the different towns of Mancos in the month of July of each year.


First mission with confirmation youth in Ushno (Mancos)

August 2018


Designation of Father César de los Heros as the new Director of Misión Huascarán.

June 22, 2019

Mision Huascaran fourth Gala

August 2018


Designation of Father César de los Heros as the new Director of Misión Huascarán.

June 2018

Mision Huascaran Third Gala

Misión Huascarán 2019 Video

Video of Misión Huascarán describing the main programs and projects carried out today.


Somos una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que busca a través de diversas misiones el desarrollo integral y la promoción social de los pobladores de las zonas más desfavorecidas del Perú.


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Jr. Santorín Nº 258, Urbanización el Vivero - Santiago de Surco. Distrito de 15023, Perú.


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